The town of Rewari

Situated some 80 km south-west of New Delhi, in the south of the State of Haryana near its border with Rajasthan, Rewari has a population of 125,000 inhabitants. The Rewari district covers a total area of 1,559 sq km, with an essentially rural population of over 600,000.

Rewari is easily accessible by train or by car! The Delhi to Rewari meter gauge railway line, opened in 1873, was the world's first commercial meter gauge service.
The town is traditionally famous for its metal workshops, particularly brass manufacture, which dates back to the 16th century. Shops and market stalls offer a large variety of brass utensils and artistic works.

India’s recent economic growth has attracted many multinational companies, but paradoxically this has only exacerbated the deep-seated social inequalities.

Fierce competition on the world market has kept wages low and jobs insecure, while the prices are soaring through the roof.

“Nomadic” people groups flock to or through Rewari in large numbers, looking for temporary work, and “camping” on the edge of the town. Those fortunate enough to find work earn scarcely two dollars a day – totally insufficient to allow a family to live comfortably or even decently.