How can you support us?

By a regular commitment to the “Avasara” programme

AVASARA means CHANCE in Hindi. The aim of this integrated programme is to give to the children of Rewari and its surrounding slum areas, the chance to have a chance.

With each monthly gift of 20 €, Rewari International is committed to financing a child’s education, school materials and clothing, and will also supply food to the parents and other family members... and provide them with vital medical care!

All aid received is shared out by our partners with discernment, according to the real needs encountered daily.

Download our « Avasara » programme brochure

By a one-off gift

Even a modest donation can make a big difference to the life of a child or family in India. For example:

  • 5 € is sufficient to buy a pair of shoes or a school uniform; or four days’ ration of food for a large family; or a blanket or a warm pullover.
  • 10 € can finance the purchase of 10 books for the Good Shepherd School library; or pay a week’s rent for a tutorial centre; or provide a child with a balanced diet of food for one month; or cover the cost of a medical check-up for 15 children.

More substantial funds are required to complete the construction work at the Good Shepherd School (paintwork, electricity, plumbing, drinking water cooler, window panes, security...)

By organising a special event!

If you’re active in a school, a youth club, a church fellowship or other community group, why not organise a special event to raise awareness for the needs of the poorest in India?

The Rewari International cell-group in Belgium is willing and ready to present the project to groups of adults, teenagers or children, in house groups and in larger gatherings. We have various audio-visual presentations available.

We are most grateful for all the fund-raising initiatives that have already been taken – charity dinners, concerts, Christmas sales, sponsored sports activities... – which have enabled this ambitious project to get off the ground and progress!

For more ideas or publicity materials, contact-us.



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IBAN: BE09 0015 8509 2457

NB : Gifts amounting to 40,00 € or more in one year, made by tax-payers in Belgium, are liable to a fiscal deduction.