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Through various aid programmes, the Rewari project seeks to :

  • restore human dignity, by meeting the physical, social and spiritual needs of the population;
  • care for the poor and needy in their struggle against poverty;
  • promote solidarity and community development throughout the region.

Rewari International functions as a cell group of SEL Projets, a Belgian non profit organisation recognised by the Department of Development and Cooperation. The SEL is able to offer fiscal deductions for gifts of 40 € or more in one year.

Hope amidst of the garbage

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SEL - Rewari International
243, Rue Provinciale - 1301 BIERGES
IBAN: BE09 0015 8509 2457

NB : Gifts amounting to 40,00 € or more in one year, made by tax-payers in Belgium, are liable to a fiscal deduction.